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CAVE Systems, Inc. History and Unique Product Features


CAVE Systems was created in 2008.


In the late 1980’s, CAVE’s predecessor, Rack International, proposed to the British Army a new means of delivering essential equipment to the battlefield more efficiently by reducing the container “footprint”, increasing the container volume utilization, reducing the manpower needed to retrieve stored items and reducing the number of containers needed for deployment, thus reducing the number of trucks and airplanes needed to deploy.  At that time, Rapid Deployment was not yet a priority in the British Army and the proposal was put on hold.


In 1998/1999 Rack International had the opportunity of presenting its thoughts and products to personnel connected to the U.S. Military.  Rack International engineers brought the combined experience of over 100 years in the design and manufacture of Storage, Material Handling and Racking equipment to Military Logistics requirements.  Subsequently, Rack International/CAVE Systems has been designing, manufacturing and providing Rapid Deployment products for the U.S. Army, USMC and National Guard units both directly and thru others since 1999.


The main concerns when engaged in Rapid Deployment situations are:

How quickly containers can be loaded to deploy ?

When the equipment arrives at the deployment location, is it damaged?

Where are the items that are needed and how quickly can the equipment be accessed?


CAVE Systems SpaceFrame and Removable Unit have been developed with the objective of making the “War Fighter’s” life easier by eliminating double handling, reducing the number, size, footprint and weight of the containers needed to deploy and, at the same time, reducing manpower for loading and unloading containers.  CAVE‘s products also help significantly in reducing loss and damage to equipment in transit.


CAVE’s products have been designed to enable the end-user to utilize standard military containers:  Quadcons, Tricons, Bicons, ISU®90’s and ISO 20' .  Unlike other companies, from its inception, CAVE products were designed to be used in new or retro-fitted into existing containers allowing more funds to be used on the container inserts rather than on new specialized containers.


CAVE Systems is the most efficient system presently available to reduce the container “Footprint” while maximizing the interior “Cube”.  CAVE provides quick, 100% access to small, medium and large items.  No other stored items need to be removed to access what is needed.  Only the required item is accessed, thus reducing loss, potential damage and access time.


CAVE Systems equipment incorporates improvements discovered and suggestions from the end users during day-to-day operations.  No suggestion from the field is ignored and, when practical, incorporated into updated equipment.  CAVE’s philosophy is continuous updating and improving its products to meet the needs and requirements of the end user.


CAVE Systems products use the unique patented SuperGlide 500, a 100% Slide System.  This unique Slide System has no revolving parts or bearings.  It is unaffected by dust, sand or moisture unlike conventional slide systems which could be prone to potential failure in the field.  SuperGlide 500 virtually eliminates metal-to-metal contact with its oil impregnated UHMW slide, greatly reducing corrosion problems.  The SuperGlide 500 Slide System is self-lubricating, self-cleaning, reduces shock loads to stored items and is maintenance free.


All CAVE StackaBoxes and Drawers are equipped with Partitioning Kits as standard.  Foam inserts are also available.  StackaBoxes come with a Weatherproof Lid as a standard feature.  The Weatherproof Lid sits directly onto the Partitioning Kit stopping stored items from migrating in transit.  The Weatherproof Lids are self-supporting allowing the user to use both hands to access stored items.  The lid is supported by the gas struts keeping the lid vertical in wind gusts up to 40 mph.


The 5 Point StackaBox Restraint System is integrated into the 100% extension slide and automatically locks the StackaBox.  The thumb operated release latch allows for quick removal of the StackaBox without the use of any tools.