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  • 1. How do I know if I need CAVE products?

    A:  Use this list of needs to determine if the CAVE product solution might be right for you.

    • Do you deploy?

    • Do you use containers (Quadcon, Tricon, Bicon, ISO 20’, ISU®90)?

    • Do you need to reduce loss and damage to stored equipment in transit?

    • Do you need to optimize locatability of stored equipment?

    • Do you need to reduce the number of containers required for deployment?

    • Do you need to increase the security of stored equipment?

    • Do you need to eliminate duplication of effort?

    • Do you need to increase container/cube utilization?



  • 2. How do I determine what I need?

    A:  CAVE provides a No Cost, No Obligation survey of needs conducted by CAVE personnel.  A proposal will be provided post survey.

  • 3. I am in the military.  How can I procure your products?

    A:  The most popular CAVE products are covered on CAVE’s GSA Contract (GS-07F-0236Y) and  are also available from ADS against their DLA Contract.

  • 4. How does CAVE reduce the number of containers?

    A:  CAVE maximizes the useable inside cubic space within a container.  The survey ensures that the CAVE equipment proposed does not transport “air”.  The CAVE products proposed have been pre-designed to custom fit into the container for which the products will be used.  All CAVE components allow for 100% accessibility and visibility.   Optimal packaging requires less containers to transport your equipment.

  • 5. Do I need to buy new or special containers in order to use CAVE products?

    A:  CAVE products inserts are designed to be retro-fitted into your existing containers (Quadcons, Tricons, Bicons, ISO 20’ End and Dual Side Opening and ISU®90 and ISU®60 Side Opening Containers).

  • 6. How does CAVE maximize the storage space available in so many different sized containers?

    A:  CAVE is the only manufacturer providing a variety of storage inserts that are specifically designed and dimensioned to fit/maximize the internal cubic space of the container into which the CAVE products are to be used.

  • 7. How will my supplies be protected from the elements?

    A:  CAVE products are installed into a variety of containers providing initial protection from the elements.  Critical items of a non-bulk size are stored in Drawers/StackaBoxes with weatherproof lids attached.  The weatherproof,  lockable lid incorporates a Neoprene bulb seal for longer life and two telescopic gas struts.  The lid is self-supporting and allows the user to operate with both hands when the lid is open.  The lid is capable of resisting wind gusts up to 40 mph for added safety.

  • 8. Can I change the configuration of the CAVE inserts in the future if my needs change?

    A:  CAVE products are designed to be re-configured when required for future use.  Simple hand tools are all that are required.  Free and simple instructions are provided by CAVE.

  • 9. What kind of Security does the CAVE system offer?

    A:  All CAVE components are made of steel.  In addition, there are a number of locking available locations including locking points on the outside doors, locking points on top and bottom of each gate, locking points on each lid hasp, locking points at the base shot bolt and locking point on the slide (optional and must be specified at time of ordering).

  • 10. Do you store Weapons?

    A:  CAVE is partnered with the leading provider of foam inserts for weapons storage/deployment applications.  All we need to know is the type of weapons to be stored and the quantity of each.  A proposal will be provided maximizing the space within the container.

  • 11. Do you offer installation instructions?

    A:  Installation of CAVE products is recommended to be done at our manufacturing facility.  However, if field installation is required, CAVE will provide easy to understand instructions, on-site supervision (additional charge) or field installation (additional charge).

  • 12. When I deploy I go to hot, humid locations.  Will the CAVE drawers and shelves keep working?

    A:  CAVE utilizes a unique suspension system. The SuperGlide 500 Slide System has been specifically developed to provide all branches of the military with a 100% slide system that is both reliable and will outperform all existing commercial slides currently being used.   The SuperGlide 500 eliminates the use of ball, roller and reciprocating bearings that over time can reduce operational performance due to wear, dust, sand, rust, dirt, grit and moisture entering the bearing’s rotating components and slide mechanism.  These factors can cause seizure in rotating parts making the drawers hard to access increasing both maintenance time and replacement costs.  The patented SuperGlide 500 has no rotating parts and utilizes a high-grade UHMW section manufactured exclusively for CAVE.

  • 13. What are your standard colors?

    A:  CAVE offers two standard colors:  Federal Green and Desert Tan.  Additional colors are available at an additional charge.

  • 14. Do you have competitors?

    A:  Yes.  However, none of the competition offers:

    • Products specifically designed to maximize the interior cube of a variety of containers

    • A suspension system impervious to any environmental conditions

    • Load capacities similar to CAVE

    • A lifetime warranty



  • 15. What is the CAVE Warranty?

    A:  CAVE products are guaranteed against failure.  CAVE warrants its equipment to be free from defective material and workmanship.  Under this warranty, CAVE will repair or replace defective parts.  This warranty applies only to equipment properly used, maintained and not used in excess of recommended capabilities as stated in CAVE catalogs.  The warranty does not apply to any equipment which has been subjected to misuse, neglect or accident, or which has been installed, operated, repaired, altered or modified other than in accordance with instructions or written authorization by CAVE Systems, Inc.

  • 16. What is your normal delivery time?

    A:  The normal delivery time is 90 Days ARO.

  • 17. What is the CAVE Return Policy?

    A:  Except as otherwise provided, no materials will be accepted for return/restock after (30) days from date of shipment.  To return products, you must contact CAVE for a Return Authorization Approval.  No returns will be accepted without a valid Return Authorization Number.  All products must be returned undamaged to qualify for credit.  COD returns will not be accepted.  All shipping charges for returns must be prepaid.  All standard products will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge if they are accepted, undamaged and in re-saleable condition.  Any non-standard product or a non-standard color will be subject to a minimum 30% restocking charge if they are accepted, undamaged and in re-saleable condition.  The final credit amount will be subject to repair, repainting, and/or scrap fees applied at time of receipt.  All requested returns are contingent upon final CAVE management approval.